Rider retreat

Enjoy a stay in idyllic Hale Village in one of the beautiful BnBs just a 2 minute drive away from Hope Farm and Pilates studio. 

Riders can enjoy a combination of riding our classically trained andalusian dressage horses, riding our confidence giving allrounder horses, pilates for riders in which you will improve posture, balance, co ordination, core strength, application of aids and more that you can then use whilst riding our horses and your own! We also have space to bring your own horse for schooling while you stay or for longer term training livery.

Massage, meditation and mindfulness are also available at Hope Pilates and are of great benefit to riders by relaxing muscle tension, aiding injury recovery and learning relaxation and confidence building techniques that can be used in the stressful situations we encounter as riders!

Please contact for more details.

(An assesment may be needed for our andalusian horses)

minero piaffe 1.JPG
danubio canter right.JPG
minero canter hald pass.JPG